V-FF 104


The Vorsteiner V-FF Wheel Collection

The classic 5 spoke is a bold and strong with its simplicity. The concavity, similar to the 102 is a direct shot from the lip to the center bowl. Further creating an infinitely deep profile is in the face of each spoke, made flat with no protruding distractions.

Our flow forged technology produces wheels that are lighter in weight compared to a conventional cast construction, yet substantially stronger.
The majority of surplus weight can be shaved by the use of less but stronger aluminum. In addition, we meticulously reduce the weight of the wheel utilizing back-pad pocketing as well as front and rear spoke pocketing. Any wheel with a width 11″ or wider will cost an additional $60.

  • Ball-End Milling.
  • Angular Flange Design.
  • Vorsteiner Stamping.
V-FF 104