ENDO CT 3 Gallon RAW

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ENDO Compressor Tank 3 gallon Raw Finish


Capacity 3 Gallons
  • Length: 18.312″
  • Height: 6.625″
  • Diameter: 6.625″
Port Layout
  • (4) 1/8″ NPT Ports
  • – 2 on each end cap
  • (3) 1/4″ NPT Ports
  • – 1 on each end cap
  • – 1 on the back
  • (2) 3/8″ NPT Port
  • – 1 on each end cap
Material Aluminum
Max. Pressure 200 PSI
Valves No

The ENDO-CT tank from AccuAir comes with a built in compressor from WABCO. It shares the same looks and features of the ENDO-CVT tank but without the built in valves and PTC connections. The ENDO-CT air tank will require the use of a manifold or individual valves as well as a fitting pack (sold separately). The modular and bolted construction of the ENDO-CT air tank eliminates leaky welds and makes disassembly possible for upgrades. It is possible to upgrade an ENDO-CT valveless tank to the ENDO-CVT tank with a 4 corner valve end cap upgrade kit. If you’re looking for a 5 gallon air tank with valves but without the compressor, you should check out the AccuAir ENDO-VT 5 Gallon Air Tank.

The AccuAir ENDO Compressor Analog Adapter Harness is required to connect this tank to the eLevel system.

ENDO CT 3 Gallon Raw
ENDO CT 3 Gallon RAW

$969.00 $969.00

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