Knowing the legacy of Ferrada, we’ve not been ones to enter any aspect of the industry timidly. We aggressively and without hesitation dive headlong into any undertaking, to deliver uncompromising results. Entering the Forged Market was no exception, and knew our First design needed to be something that you would not forget. A stark contrast from our other designs in this line, the USF-03 is a clean and to the point design. A split 5-bar spoke design, the tapered spokes are angled ever so slightly away from each other, to present a razor sharp edge from any profile. The finer details on this design, are much more subtle and understated, but the final product is an exclusive and clean wheel design for performance and luxury vehicles alike, with plenty of window space between the spokes to allow for the display of the many and varied sophisticated braking systems found today in the automotive world. Bolt pattern and offsets are configured once your order is confirmed.

USF 03 - Monoblock - Gloss Brushed Purple
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